Brad Heald is a musician from Cronulla Sydney. He's played in some of Australia's amazing rock bands such as Red Riders, The Vines, Dune Rats and now currently with Angus Stone in Dope Lemon. 
Brad's love for good authentic artistic creativity is a perfect match for what we do and believe as a label. 

As fan's of Brad's body of work, we wanted to team up with him to collaborate our passions together: denim and music. DENIM CoLAB's main man Omer created with Brad the #2G17 Biker Jacket Slate Black. It was a simple process and we're both very happy with the outcome. 

We had a beer with Brad and chatted about the collaboration.

Who inspires your work?

It’s a collective. It all ties into one, doesn’t it? I don’t think it should ever just be tied down to one thing, ya know, not even one genre of things. It should be everything. Visual artists to authors, it should just be one thing, ya know. I like to be influenced by a whole range of things. Spicy salad. Or like a tiramisu. I think it’s good to be influenced by one thing. Rather than just one thing because you just end up emulating what they do. It’s easy you just enjoy people’s art, you enjoy looking and listening. It shouldn’t be a process or hard work.

There’s always a work element…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the process of making music with technology these days makes it easier to make music in our bedrooms. We don't have to be millionaires to make albums. That’s why I love the resurgence of Rock'n'Roll bands, they don’t have to suck some record label’s dick to make some money. It’s wonderful. Technology is a great thing like that. It’s great that musicians can make music on their terms. It’s exciting. We live in exciting times. Especially for new bands I think.

How did this begin? Just a bit about how it all came together.

Yep ummm… I’ve always been interested in the relationship of music and fashion has always had throughout history and I find that it dictates a lot of trends and visa versa. It’s quite interesting. You know, for example, David Bowie was amazing how he pulled so many amazing looks and aliases and would use fashion as a part of his music. In saying that, Marlon Brando was just a bad arse, he just wanted to make bad ass music. It’s a give and take relationship. I’ve always been interested in that.

Omer and I were talking a lot and he was like “I wanna make a denim jacket”. I was like "cool well I only love leather jackets and they're bad arse". And best one was a H2 Harley Davidson jacket and he said “I’ll make you a denim one.” I said alright then.

Then a couple months later. Omer’s says “I did it. Here it is”.

I always thought that would be ideal as a jacket because it’s a beautiful design and it represents so much cultural history. Including literature. I think the time of the s 60s was a great time for music and also fashion People were just doing what they wanted to do. I think, you know, you read Hunter S. Thompson’s books about following the bikies and Hell’s Angels. Seemed like an interesting time I thought. And yeah they were all the jackets they were wearing. They’re good, I like them.

So you have the black denim wax on the jacket, how did you get onto that?

Omer is such a legend that he knows what works and what doesn’t. He and I just saw eye to eye and was a very simple conversation. Where he was like if you want to wear a jacket that I could make for you. What would it be? It was like a denim version of the H2 and then he just made it. The jacket is like leather and black and sorta matte finish. He just did it. It’s genius, ya know? It wasn’t too much conversation. I was just done. It was just easy.

What does it mean that you had your own piece of clothing made for you?

I feel like it’s made for everyone. I think it’s a jacket that I would love to have in the past and now I get to. And cos it’s denim and Omer is very passionate about the denim he uses. It infuses a beautiful design and a passion for denim and they are both put together. This product is really cool and unique. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m stoked to actually have one.



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Held at our Bondi Beach Flagship store.
~3/157-159 Curlewis st Bondi Beach~

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